Sunday, May 30, 2010

What I Learned from Staffing a Booth in the AAM Expo Hall

1. It is a real trade-off; on the one hand, you meet and have the excuse to chat with all sorts of fascinating people! On the other hand, you miss out on a lot of amazing sessions and experiences.

2. Take advantage of the Exhibitors' Lounge.

3. Get in line first for the food and try to eat quickly while the delegates are in line so you will be ready for them by the time they have their food (and you have finished eating yours).

4. Have lots of bling/schwag to give away.

5. Gimmicks are good for drawing people in, but you need substance to keep them there talking to you.

6. Homemade chocolate chip cookies help.

7. Make sure you give yourself time to wander around the rest of the Expo Hall at some point.

8. Try to make it to at least one session and one General Session if at all possible.

9. Keep on top of who you have met--make notes about them so that you will remember what you talked about when you get home and are looking blankly at a large pile of business cards you have collected.

10. Be prepared for a back-up plan when the Internet connection doesn't work very well.

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