Monday, April 6, 2009

Give Proper Props to the Newark Museum!

What a back-handed compliment: to be called a "best kept secret." That's almost like accusing something of a crappy marketing plan. Really--it's saying that this best kept secret is something really totally awesome, and yet no one knows about it. Now, some great things no one wants to share because they want to keep whatever the great thing is to themselves--like the location of a gold mine. But people usually want to share great experiences that they have a museums. Don't they?

So despite the fact that the Newark Museum is a ground-breaking leader in the museum field and is celebrating its 100th birthday (wow!), I feel a little sorry for it that in the opening sentence of this article, it is referred to as a "best kept secret." All the other compliments and praise the author heaps on the museum feel a little empty after that ambiguous phrase.

Sorry, Newark. But don't worry, the museum profession knows how awesome you are!

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