Thursday, March 19, 2009

Coping Strategies: The Beginnings of a List

Okay. So every day I read about more badness happening in the museum world due to the economy. But all of this "badness" is actually the implementation of coping strategies. What are these strategies and which museums are implementing them? Here's the beginning of a list, I imagine it will continue to grow.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego
Detroit Institute of Arts
High Museum
Philadelphia Art Museum
San Diego Art Museum

Delay of Capital Projects
Cincinnati Art Museum
Indianapolis Museum of Art
St. Louis Art Museum
Museum of Tolerance

Raised Admission Fees
Art Institute, Chicago
Brooklyn Museum

Cancellation of Programs
Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego
Dallas Museum of Art

Selling Collections
Rose Art Museum, Brandeis

These could all be construed as negative strategies. But there are some more positive strategies being employed, too. It's just that these can tend to have a smaller economic impact. These strategies include creative fundraising idea employed at the Queens Museum of Art, innovative programming at MOMA and the Hammer, new advertising campaigns and reaching out to new audiences through the Internet like at the Brooklyn Museum.

Sign on San Diego
Dallas News
New York Times
Employment Spectator
Sign on San Diego
New York Times
LA Times
New York Times

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