Thursday, March 12, 2009

Here I Go Again

Oh Lordy. Well, this is my fifth or so foray into blogging.

Previously I was on livejournal, wordpress and even here on blogger with the fabulous Orinda Group. Each attempt had its own whys, wherefores and motivations. This time I will admit that I am doing this because I am too lazy to properly use Zotero. That's right, blogging by laziness.

So what's this blog going to be about? It's going to be my way of keeping track of things that cross my path as I sift through hundreds of articles and blog posts each day.

Seriously, my browser bookmarks are out of control and, while I am eternally grateful to Foxmarks for making those bookmarks available to me on just about any computer I sit down in front of, what I really need to do is bookmark less and process more. Hence, this here blog.

Read it, if you like. Sometimes I will also just spout out randomly about museums, exhibitions, e-philanthropy or social media, but mostly it will just be a processing site for me. Sound boring? Then go ahead and move along. But feel free to check back in anytime there is something that strikes your fancy.

Oh, and hat tip to creativemerc, who suggested this url to me long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away.

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